Yoga’s Aryan Spirituality Core Fitness Lifestyle

Yoga’s Aryan Spirituality Core Fitness Lifestyle

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Yoga’s Aryan spirituality core fitness lifestyle is rooted in natural history. Brahman wrote about it. Aryans, Vedics, who migrated to Asia from the Middle East.

Yoga Netiquette

Yoga is religious. Started before we could speak. The will comes from within.

A centered core takes will power. Bra, you must have ‘six pack’ abs. Videos work for me. Apps not really.



The postures are natural. High plank was punishment in a Brotherhood I studied with. Began writing, publishing, and weightlifting.

Yoga poses are held for exercise. Like weightlifting, but, concentration is spiritual. Healthy habits help.

Sessions are a core workout. Practice can be intense.

“Wake up. Work out. Kick ass.”


Top 7 Beginner Yoga Poses

30 seconds to a minute per pose. Top 7 beginner yoga poses are my favorite. Variations exist.

  1. Child’sChild's Posture
  2. LotusLotus Posture
  3. High PlankPlank Posture
  4. Low PlankLow Plank
  5. CobraCobra
  6. WarriorWarrior Posture
  7. SalutationSalutation Posture

Downward dog posture not pictured. Sun salutation is my, ‘go to’ pose. As you may see, down dog needs practice.

The spirit takes over when distractions disappear. Instructors may guide us. Thoughts and actions our are own.

Six Pack Abs

Abs Selfies are images of a centered core. You don’t get six pack abs from being lazy! Diet must provide energy.

Visualize your ideal self. Train. Eat a high protein diet.

Picture it. Cycling, weight lifting, and sit ups build the midsection. Yoga and torso weights define the core.

Fitness Lifestyle

Leading a fitness lifestyle is a religion. It takes spirit. The natural application of a principle core.

Equality. A strong core to be fit to lead. No cornerstone foundation.

Relationships are more fluid. No longer governed from the corner of the room. Government is at the center, core.


Decision making changed. There is an “i” internet. Nowadays we think with our core. Not the guy in the corner.

Beauty is at the center. We have a lot of information to go on. People who are SMART use SERP’s.

Women at the center practice Yoga. A growing trend. Pages customarily include history.

Hyperlocal results are best. SEO is a reason. A new application. Netiquette style.


We are training for the Information Age. Naturally, productivity and lifestyle applications are common.

Lifestyles enable us to be productive. Fitness is like a great product or service. Everything in the life-cycle is better.

Men and women can get six pack abs with equal training. Construction trends build it into our architecture. A cycling culture is being erected.

Natural Leadership

Core exercise is natural worship. A spiritual level. Natural is synonymous with religious.

Fitness is natural. Naturally, fit people are more attractive. Thus, women are natural leaders.

Sex may be pure enjoyment for women. Climax without procreation. Desire is different for a man.

Joyful relationships are healthy. Sexually transmitted diseases are not. We have to be honest with ourselves. Do what we like.


Control our bodies. Sex is natural. Unfit leaders are unnatural. Times are changing. Netiquette is real.

Women are prostitutes. Accept it. Deal with it spiritually.

‘There is more to life than sex. Exercise. Share.’

Call To Action

Engage in positive relationships. Have fun. End sexual constraints. Break a social constraint.

Sex with Africans by non-Africans is inter-species breeding according to PBS. Not race mixing. Ebola was traced to the same area. We are Aryan from a different place.

Get fit to be liked. Check out my #LunchTimeWarrior video playlist.

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