Selfie Tips, Top 3 Pics, and 10 Hashtags

Selfie Tips, Top 3 Pics, and 10 Hashtags

Selfie tips, top 3 pics, and 10 hashtags. Taking good pictures is not an accident. Learn picture tips. Practice pose tricks. Use keywords.

Selfie Etiquette

A selfie is more or less a self-portrait with our mobile devices. More with a wearable remote control. Less taken by someone else with our camera.

Picture Tips

We can get our best shot by:

  • Taking a lot.
  • Setting the timer.
  • Using the back camera.

Picture tips are small actions that make a big difference. The distinction between good, bad, and regular is in the eye of the beholder.

How To Pose

3 Selfie Tips Headshot

We have to hold ourselves out for the camera in a good light.

  1. Chin out. Show jaw line.
  2. Head down. Eyes down too are demur.
  3. Natural light. Face sunlight. Put mirror by a window.

Stances and lighting make a big difference. Yoga exercises are effective preparation.

Top Selfies

Head, butt, and abs are the most popular, proper netiquette. We choose friends based on them. Certain types are more common among popular profiles than others. We expect to see them.


A headshot is a self-portrait of our face. Authenticity is the intent. Popular profile pictures. Changing regularly. Social Media feeds show profile picture updates more.


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A belfie is a self butt shot. Try it. Discovering your ass is beautiful is a wonderful thing. Women get lots of attention for belfies. It works both ways. Trendy. Popular. Influential.

Abs Selfie

An abs selfie is a self abs shot. ‘Six pack’ abs require social proof. Many people like them. Women customarily have two. Men one.

David Chiles Bathroom Mirror Selfies

  • Abs Selfie David Paul Chiles
    Abs Selfie

Top Ten Selfie Hashtags

A list of the top ten selfie hashtags for posting in social media. Pick one. Use specific hashtags related to the focal point.

  1. Selfie
  2. Belfie
  3. Love
  4. Me
  5. Fashion
  6. Post
  7. Phone
  8. Super
  9. Amateur
  10. Sexy

Social proof is provided by sharing. Locations and activities are verified. Trends make other types popular as well.