Keywords and Hashtags How To Tutorial

Keywords and Hashtags How To Tutorial

Words tell us what to do. Keywords provide an assignment of contextual meaning with a word, words, or a phrase. Great information is unlocked with proper usage.

Hashtag Netiquette

A # hashtag is a keyword used to group related social media in networks. The pound symbol is placed in front of characters that form words. Many people follow popular hashtags.


The Internet is part of our lives. Something we must keep up with. Staying up to date requires monitoring changes.

Keywords and Hashtags How To Tutorial

Three steps for keywords and hashtags network etiquette.

  1. Lurk – Consume interesting content. Search. Figure out associated terms.
  2. Look – Find out what we like. Check hashtags. Like.
  3. Leap – Post materials related to profiles. Share pics and vids.

Selfie is a keyword. We all can take one. More people have phones than toilets. Think how much the world is changing. We are evolving into new form of life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) connects words with pictures and other media automatically. Sharing is done by default through search engines. Media has an opportunity to become popular based on an algorithm. We are learning.

Netiquette for Keywords

Likes are a good indicator of popularity. No one likes content that does not ‘fit-in’ in some way. Terms with high engagement unlock great content.

Communication surrounding keywords gives them context. Body language, vocal variety, and surrounding text play roles.

Follow popular conventions and stand out. A recipe for great content with good keywords. The value changes over time. Stay current by following the cycle.

Netiquette for Hashtags

Follow, lead, and get out of the way. We are following when we engage. Leading when we create. Out of the way when we are online without engaging.

Content containing Hashtags shall to be related. An algorithm links them together somehow. Synonym, acronym, or description.

At least two likes for continued updates. Once we find an audience, we judge for ourselves. Content earns affirmation for various reasons.