Hyperlocal Sharing Cycle Uber Style

Hyperlocal Sharing Cycle Uber Style

Hyperlocal sharing is all love. Posting is a cyclical process. Great content makes connecting easier.

Post Netiquette


The ‘Uber effect’. Hyper information insiders agree upon creating engagement. Relevant information to consumers.

Uber Hyperlocal Diagram
Uber Hyperlocal Diagram

Algorithms pick up local posts for a relevant time. Keywords are drivers to local posts. Word association widens coverage. More posts. Easier to connect. Re-posts hype up information.

Netiquette tips and tricks earn attention. Ratings raise standards whether we like it or not. Comments are reviews.

Google Maps

Demand increases through education and sex. We learn how to do something. Then teach each other. More people, more learning. Netiquette is the way we work the system.

Uber uses Google Maps, which has a hyperlocal component. Local Guides earn points for contributions. We can chat and start meetups. Level 5 as of March 2018. Got a Yoga list in profile.

Hyperlocal is how we can make it happen by sharing. Uber is a ride sharing service. We have to be taught how to use it.

Social Media Cycle


A natural order of things exists in social media. Lurk before leaping when joining a network. Get to know the content.

  1. Like – Find content you like.
  2. Post – Compete creatively.
  3. Delete – Delete old posts.
  4. Repeat – Follow the cycle again.

The cycle is a step above the principles. Practice netiquette in principle to benefit. Conventional wisdom is well liked.


Ratings are an effective method of peer evaluation. We can earn a good reputation. eBay’s rating system for example.

Share some love. Comment on something great. A variety of media is well liked. Sexy stuff gets the most engagement.

A SMART sexy balance is one solution to this problem. Education teaches us how to find our balance. Learn.

Social Development

Social media has principles. The cycle works. Hyperlocal sharing comes next. The economy follows.

Special interest groups are forming. Social networks can’t be trusted. We are moving into our own domains.

Power to the people. Affirm what you like. Re-post. Make your own WordPress site.