Belfie Butt Selfie 5 Tips for An Instagram Booty

Belfie Butt Selfie 5 Tips for An Instagram Booty

Belfie, butt selfie, comes right after selfie in the history of netiquette. English dictionaries added the words in 2013 and 2014. Instagram Booty is the trending topic, keyword, built on these principles.

Butt Shot Netiquette

A belfie is by far the most popular type of selfie. There is no comparison. Recently discovered my ass is beautiful. Now, I know why women wear tights.

There is nothing more flattering than to follow someone’s ass in social media. Butt shots are engaging. Angle is everything.

5 Belfie Butt Tips for An Instagram Booty

We all want our ass kissed. So, work out your butt before you take a shot. This will get your ass liked.

  1. 45-Degree #ButtShot

  2. #Skintight High Waste

  3. #Underbutt #Bubblebutt

  4. #ArchAss #FacedownAssUp

  5. #Flexbutt

Self-discovery led to this from the acceptance of Islam. Islamic women wear Hijabs. So, we shall look them in the eye.

What does it all mean?


People wearing tight clothes use sexual power. A 45-degree camera angle is how I figured it out. Saw my ass in a velfie, video selfie.

Posted a screen shot. Everyone liked it more than anything else in netiquette. A screenshot of my ass. Only putting my ass in my own domain for now. Keeping it all Islam (Seriously Joking).

Posting in domains we do not own is working for that domain. I know what it takes to get an ass like that. It is not easy.

Fitness Lifestyle

The best belfies come from people with an Fitness lifestyle required. We have to work our asses out.

Women with the most followers of their ass provide consistent social proof. Exercising, eating, worshipping, and sustainability equal Instagram Booty. was a couple of dollars from porkbun hosted on Informatization servers.

Here’s some hashtag netiquette html and javascript to set up the document and its function. #fitness + #foodie + #Yoga + #Green = #ecofriendly #core. #Femdom #Assworship if #belfie #like = #Boolean true else #liar. Learned how to do this in JavaScript 150 Hybrid course.


You must be a #LunchTimeWarrior with a healthy lifestyle for a nice ass. My genealogical cousin, genetic phonetic (seriously joking because who really knows), the Prophet Muhammad shared his healthy lifestyle with us. I’m a follower, not a believer because I know.

We call Muhammad’s social media, intellectual property, Islam. I accept that there is a genealogical link between us. A sense of pride is felt when I see powerful women in Hijabs.

Cardi B Bodack Yellow is a Music Video that evoked this feeling. I used to hang out at Warner Brothers. Their insignia is on the production. Immediate attention was given when I saw it.

Call To Action

Cardi B has a big butt and curses a lot. Accept that curse words no longer have the same meaning. Times have changed. Her recent Saturday Night Live Performance was epic.

Emotions are rooted in real experiences. It’s weird at first to get affirmation for your ass. Sexuality must be dealt with differently now.

Practice netiquette. Islam is right. Christianity is wrong!


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