Bike Sharing Apps Top Three iOS Android

Top Three Bike Sharing Apps For iOS or Android

Bike sharing apps top three iOS Android are great fun, cool transportation, and an eco-friendly exercise option with health benefits. Seattle, WA is developing a cycling culture with the most apps in the market. The fastest growing city of 2016 is known for SMART residents.

A hyperlocal how to of the app effect on bikeshares in Seattle (Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland) with global implications given the Ofo app is worldwide.

Question: What is a Bike Sharing App?

Answer: A computer program for iOS or Android to unlock and riding bikes.

Top 3 Seattle Bike Sharing Apps

ofo Bike Sharing Bike
1. Ofo is the best bike sharing service because their bicycles are the sturdiest and easiest to operate. They are built to a different standard. Gears offer a wider range of ease and difficulty. A pedal operated light is cool.
Spin Bike Sharing Bike
2. Spin is second best because their bicycles are convenient with sturdy construction. Simple payment options give us confidence in the service. A take charge and go attitude is included.
LimeBike Bike Sharing Bike
3. LimeBike is an honorable mention. The business of bike share without the attention to detail of the top two share apps in the industry. Something to try.

Bike Sharing How To

Bike Sharing How To

Each trip on a shared bike is a process that starts when we recognize the desire to ride. Regular use is a life changing decision. Our lives have an eco-friendly center when we embrace the cycling culture.

Bike Share Definition

A bike share program is a collaborative effort of riders and managers to provide access to bicycle transportation on demand.

Mobile Apps for Android and iOS are designed for the service. Dockless and Dock Station based apps are available. The top three apps are dockless. City Bike New York is a dock station program.

How To Install A Bike Share App

  1. Download App From App Store
  2. Search For Promotion Codes
  3. Open App
  4. Set Up Account
  5. Enter Promotion Code
  6. Stay Signed In

How To Use A Dockless Bike Share App Ten Steps

  1. Open App
  2. Review Bike Locations
  3. Go To Nearest Bike Closest To Most Bikes
  4. Check Bike For Obvious Damage
  5. Tap Scan When Suitable Bike Found
  6. Scan QR Code Above Lock
  7. Do A Test Drive For A Few Hundred Feet Changing Gears
  8. Then Just Ride
  9. Leave Bike On Sidewalk
  10. Do Not Block Pedestrian Traffic



Icon Rihanna partnered with Ofo to provide bicycles and scholarships to girls in Malawi. A display of the benefits bike sharing programs provide to greater society. The transportation increases school completion rates.

Ofo’s business model matured successfully from the passions of the founders. Bike rentals are popular with tourists. The Peking University Cycling Club founding members focused on it first.

The experience is premium in cities with competing apps. No comparison. Try riding all three down a steep hill if you do not believe me. I ended up walking a Spin and LimeBike down the same hill instead of riding.

Free promotions and hourly rates are comparable to others. A request for a payment card is made sooner than others. Multiple promotion codes found online can be used in the Seattle, Washington market.

The Bejing China based company has had financing rounds for $130 million, $450 million, and 700 million United States Dollars. Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology is used to unlock bikes with phones. The chinese payment platform Alipay is accepted their.


Taking a bike out for a Spin is really easy with the app. So simple, it’s like waving a magic wand and saying, ‘abra cadabra’ to unlock a bike. Then just ride off.

We never quite know what we are going to get with these bikes. Taking ownership of the vehicle for the rental is a must. If it’s broke, fix it. Get where you’re going and lock it.

“I can’t deny it I’m a straight rider.”

-Tupac Shakur

Spin bikes are everywhere. We can just hop on one on a whim and go somewhere. It’s a cool feeling when you get where you’re going for an unexpected adventure. A euphoric experience when the lactic acid in our muscles gets going that stimulates pleasure.

The price of good logistics and planning is knowing you can use one. It might take some adjustments. The woman who rode it before may have been really tall and adjusted the seat. Something could be awry and set to appear functional. The bell, for example.

This company lacks the financial resources of others. They make up for it with education, entrepreneurship, and good will. Their first round of funding raised $8 million dollars in capital.


LimeBikes look appealing. Founders are marketing guys with Venture Capital connections. The pricing model is what makes the most sense.

An entry level app for bike sharing. Regular use is uncomfortable. The product does not match the marketing. Best for tourism.

Seeing a group of bikers on LimeBikes is neat. The whole family, a few friends, or couples can easily wrangle a few bikes to enjoy the ride.

There are incentives for adding value to accounts. Periodic plans are available similar to other apps. Promotion codes are generous.

Two financing rounds of $12 million and $225 million dollars respectively provided the capital for the company.

App Effect On Cycling Culture

App Effect On Cycling Culture

App effects on cycling culture are the biking trends created from using software for support. App effects result from netiquette rules. A cycling culture exists in regions that are bike friendly.

Near field communications allow us to use online devices for unlocking and paying for resources. The magic part of the sharing process. ‘Abracadabra!’

We must take the bad with the good. There are unintended consequences of sharing. A positive influence on society is the intent.

With bike lanes on the road comes the requirement to wear a helmet when riding in them. High protein meals provide us the energy to pedal. Six pack abs may be acquired from the sweat we burn.

New bike parking, showers, and clothing are necessary. Where and how these things are addressed is another matter of netiquette.


A cycle of informatization begins with cultural acceptance.